Bring your songs to the next level with live recorded drum tracks

Tired of triggered drum sounds and MIDI programming? Just send us your song and we will hire a professional session drummer, who will track the perfect beat for your song and style.

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Enjoy the sound of professional drum-set, recorded with industry standard microphones, through rare vintage preamps, used in all big studios in the world.

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Proven Workflow

Our recording process is polished to perfection - from microphone selection and placement to preamp matching.

Fast Turnaround

Instant messaging is our lifestyle.

Up to Date

We use the latest signal processing techniques.

Made with Passion

Each cable and custom electronics component in our signal path is made with passion for purity.

The Gear

Microphones and Preamps

Source Microphone Preamp
Bassdrum AKG D112 (in) + AKG C4000B (out) API 512
Snare Shure SM-57 (top) + AKG C451B (bottom) Trident A-Range
Toms Sennheiser MD421 Trident A-Range
Hihat AKG C451B Trident A-Range
Room Royer R-121 Ribbon + Neumann U87 - very fat reproduction Neve 1073
Overhead AKG C414B-XLS matched stereo pair Dbx / THAT Corporation

Drums - Yamaha Oak Custom (Made in Japan)

Drum Size Heads
Bassdrum 22" x 17" Powerstroke Pro + Ambassador 5" DynamO Reinforced
Snare 14" x 5,5" Remo Controlled Sound + Ambassador
Toms 8" x 7", 10" x 8", 12" x 9", 14" x 12", 16" x 14" Remo Pinstripe + Ambassador
Console and Outboard
Midas Venice F32 - 32 channels analog console with FireWire interface. Discrete microphone pre-amplifiers. High quality analog 4-band parametric EQs
Solid State Logic vintage hardware bus compressor clone from the legendary SL 4000 console
Pultec EQP-1A Mastering Equalizer clone
Urei 1176 compressor clone, including all Distressor features
Analog Mid-Side decoder for direct stereo image monitoring and compression

Our Drummers

Studio Samples

Pop / Rock

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